Affiliated to Manipur University, Canchipur

About Churachandpur College

The Motto of Churachandpur College is ‘Clarior E Tenebris’ meaning From Darkness to Light.The College endeavours for a new society of peace and progress built up by man of competence, skill , purpose, vision, and indomitable courage. The College strives not only to achieve but to excel.It is committed to bring about simultaneously physical fitness and high intellectual attainment and spiritual soundness through integrated programmes of higher education.

Education is the basis of abundant growth of life. Planning for education is planning for life. Education is invariably the base of all human progress and development. The Churachandpur College believes that education eradicates self-conceit, hautiness, superstition and ignorance which enslave man. It illuminates human mind, widens visions, make man benign and compassionate and elevates him to higher and nobler level of life. So this College has ventured to assume the task of helping and guiding the students to grow fully matured physically, intellectually and spiritually.


The vision of Churachandpur College is to become one of the excellent institutions of the State in particular and the country in general, making significant contributions toward nation building by preparing the youths for productive, self-reliant and most importantly good citizens.


  1. Our mission is to make our college an excellent place of learning where we will prepare future leaders and pioneers in different fields administration, academics, corporate, social service, Science, etc.
  2. To focus on all round development of the students so as to prepare them to overcome the global challenges.
  3. To provide quality, value-based and job-oriented education to students.


The main objective of the institution is;

  1. To provide appropriate venue for inculcating in the students self-discipline, self-confident and self-reliant.
  2. To provide equal opportunities to all the students, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex, place of origin, and race for cultivating in the students scientific attitude and temper and the spirit of democracy, socialism and nationalism.
  3. To provide suitable and best learning opportunities to unfold the innate potentials of the students so that they become useful citizens.
  4. To give proper place to the students to develop all the competencies and skills needed to enter in the job market.

The College Foundation Day :

The College Foundation Day falls on November 30. The day shall be observed in the most befitting manner. The main highlights of the observance shall be:
1. Glimse of the College History.
2. Its growth under the perpetual guidance of God.
3. Re-dedication and renewal of efforts.
4. Innovation.