Affiliated to Manipur University, Canchipur

Creative Activities:

The College organizes Seminars, workshops and academic meets every year. The Students’ Union publishes College Annual Magazine, the general features of which shall be man and his surroundings, development of economic resources, scientific and social integration, understanding and expansion of human mind through literature and science.

Intramural Debates:
The College shall conduct class-wise and inter-class debates. Holding of such intramural debates will help develop personality, eloquency and oratorical competency.
Games and Sports Facilities:
The College believes that physical fitness guarantees a “ Sound mind in a sound body”. Games & Sports are playing vital roles in the field of education. So, the College provides adequate athletic facilities and outdoor games like football, volley-ball, badminton, carom,etc.. The College organizes Annual Sports Meet every year.

Churachandpur College, Manipur
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