Affiliated to Manipur University, Canchipur
Welcome to Churachandpur College

     The dream of Churachandpur College , one of the premier institutions of higher education in Manipur State,began to take shape when Mr. S. Pauneikhai Vaiphei and Dr. T.S. Gangte formed its first Governing Body of the College on November 30, 1964 as the founder Chairman and the founder Principal/Secretary respectively.

     In the same year, the College was open and affiliated to the University of Gauhati. In the year 1977 the Government of Manipur, Department of Higher Education superseded the erstwhile Governing Body and took over the College, followed by the transfer of affiliation in the year 1981 when State had its own University.

     In keeping with its motto, an attempt is made to inspire the students with the liberating notion that leave the college, they acquire the basic equipment to teach themselves. An attempt is also made to provide the students with opportunities for self-expression, innovation, initiate the context for experimenting and widest possible exposure to avenues of experience, trusting that through this will come the knowledge that liberates. The quality most valued in the students is self-reliance. The alumni are expected to be strong and principled to handle their affairs with determination to social justice, to encourage them in building links with the wider community. When students of the college go out into the world, it is hoped that they will make a difference in whatever field they choose.

      Lastly, the institution commits itself to the principle of ‘Students First’.Churachandpur College strives to grow continuously with the spirit of Pioneerism, Humanity and co-operation, and to maintain its standard of education, research and services.

Churachandpur College, Manipur
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